Honored Guests – Town of Los Gatos Leadership

The Veterans Memorial & Support Foundation is honored to host the premier Flame of Liberty Memorial upon the Civic Center Lawn in the Town of Los Gatos.  We thank the Town of Los Gatos, the Town of Los Gatos Town Council and Town Manager for their support of that privilege.  We are delighted to announce that the Town of Los Gatos Town Council members and Town Manager will join us for the AMERICAN CHALLENGE – LESSONS FROM 9/11.  Come by and say “Hello” to our Town of Los Gatos leaders!”

Mayor Rob Rennie

Mayor Rob Rennie

Vice Mayor Maria Ristow

Vice Mayor Maria Ristow

Mary Badame

Council Member Mary Badame

Matthey Hudes

Council Member Matthew Hudes

Marico Sayoc

Council Member Marico Sayoc

Laurel Prevetti

Town Manager Laurel Prevetti